From the ancient times Russian women desired to be beautiful always and everywhere. Before leaving the house, each of them make her hair, colors eyes, irons clothes and, of course, looks at the mirror before leaving and smiling at her reflection. But it is not a secret that pretty face and chiseled figure - it is not all, and they do not necessarily say that their owner - sweet, gentle and kind woman. Do the external and internal beauty connected with each other? Sure. Men who drive often the supplant common sense can be deceived by attractive appearance. Although the external beauty is different.
Chiseled and cold facial features are good at photographs in the magazine and on the cinema screen. And in real life, men prefer a completely different beauty of a Russian girl! When does a woman seem beautiful? When she has kind eyes and a sincere smile.
And this inner beauty, charming and bright is visible through any imperfections of the face. Over time, even if at first glance the person seemed quite awkward, after several minutes of communication facial features look more beautiful, almost perfect.
And this is the inner beauty of Russian women: you cannot hide it; it transforms the man's perception of femininity.
On the contrary, the girl whom you admired because of her beauty at first can be an ordinary hollow person, and even disgusting and brutal lady.
That is why men do not marry sexual and glamorous model type girls and most of the time their wives are internally beautiful women, surrounding them with warmth, care and attention. It should be a balance between Internal and external appeals, and then a huge world cannot resist the charm of one beautiful smile. The smile of your bride from Russia.