Women’s beauty is a many-sided and complicated concept. In different times something peculiar seems to be beautiful to various peoples and that’s why beauty standards change day by day. And if before Aphrodite of Melos was considered to be an ideal of beauty, now the criteria changed and ideally slim girls are considered to be attractive without any hint at a body’s voluptuousness. Beauty esthetics in Russia was always based upon a healthy woman’s body. A conception of a ‘beautiful Russian woman’ was formed on the assumption of its first assignment – to give birth to a new life.
That’s why broad thighs and voluptuous breasts were considered to be beautiful. There existed a cult of femininity and a slim waist, sloping shoulders, long hair were considered to be beautiful. A natural beauty and sexuality of Russian brides are the most valuable gifts of nature itself which are scored out by eternal companions of femininity – charm and attractiveness. Taking care of her own appearance a girl in Russia looks prefect not only when she is young but also in the middle age and she stays fresh and lovely.