Imagine how simple a problem of choice and search for a good wife will be if you can accurately define a character of a girl by her appearance just giving a look at her personal profile on site and her photo? You will definitely know how to communicate with this woman, how to select a key for her, what to wait from her in a stressful situation. It turns out to be absolutely real. There exists an accurate technology by which one can identify a personality or define a character by an appearance. Unlike physiognomy, this technology has a patent, i. e. a distinct wording and scientifically affirmed knowledge base. A technology of personality identification by appearance is called a phenotypology and its creator is Mark Luchin. Having studied some basic points of phenotypology you will be able to ‘read’ a woman accurately by her photo.
But let’s discuss it in the right order.
One can get quite much information having just looked at a profile of a Russian girl on a dating site or a dating agency site.
The more photos, pictures, comments, videos and so on are there the more is an expectation of her being communicative and active. But it will not always be so. One can definitely say that such a woman likes to flaunt and be a center of attention.
If you think that for understanding of character traits of a girl you have liked by her photo one has to be a clairvoyant you are mistaken! Observance, some communication experience, associative thinking and elementary erudition are probably the main things needed for ‘reading an essence of a woman by her photo’

It is very simple to envisage a sexual temper of a girl seemingly well-kept from the others. It’s enough just to look at some physiological characteristics. In more details
Pay attention at a face of a girl. Its shape can tell much about a character of a person.
Round-faced girls are soft-hearted, sensitive persons, they are quite careless and like comfort. Possessors of a square face are hasty, they like competition, they sometimes can be unbalanced and they regret this after. A delta-shaped face is often met with thoughtful people, apt to self-cultivation. Delta-shaped girls are often gifted with various talents and they are creative. Possessors of a trapezium-shaped face are the best housewives, they are artistical, soft-hearted and they create ideal families. At last, girls with a face that resembles a triangle by its form are sensitive, calm, they often have a talent of an organizer.

Bright clothes’ colors show that such a woman became accustomed to be a center of attention, she is critical to herself and others, she is impulsive.
A girl who prefers mild colors and feminine clothes is a romantic person, tender and soft-hearted, easily hurt.
For a lady who prefers a strict style and classics there is nothing better than order and peace. Such girls are active and they easily manage any slings and arrows of life. At last, those who like sport style value comfort in life and know how to stay themselves in various real-life situations