Tens of thousands of young, bright, attractive beauties from Ukraine and Russia, which you can meet in the catalogs of the marriage and dating agencies, can be divided into several main types.
The first group is girls who came to the dating website with only one purpose - to find a good husband. Typically, these girls ignore the men who posted pictures of their naked bodies. They are looking for serious and respectable men who can create a family, and most importantly, keep a family. The personification of these girls might look like this: a pretty girl 28 -32 years old, with education and with 2-3 serious relations in the past familiar with the charm of a civil marriage. And that's why now she is looking for a man who is as well as she is interested in creating a legitimate union and procreation .
Typically, the profiles of such women are restrained and intelligent. You will not find sexually explicit photos and other data showing the past of the girl. These girls communicate only with men who fit their image of a wealthy husband. You will not see them in chat rooms and forums; this is the waste of their time.
The second group of girls is party girls who use online dating websites as a training ground for self-manifestation. They have a lot of variety of photos - from very candid pictures till the last holiday pictures where the girl was pretty drunk. This group includes glamor girls from 17 to 25 years old who love men, chat, nightclubs and parties. These girls need more adventures and drive, vivid dialogue, but they are not ready yet to start a family, or at least for a serious relationship. Therefore, if you want to find a wife, it is better to avoid these girls - they're not ready for marriage.

The third group is a team of scammers, cheats, girls who do not know what they're looking for on the dating sites, as well as women who are interested in the sexual relations without obligations. It is hard to figure out are the women real or not, but poor men, who were caught in their net. We hope that with a help of our online dating agency you will meet a woman of your dream from the first group.