Loyalty, dedication and reliability are some of the most valuable qualities of Russian brides. At all times, the devotion of a wife to her husband was considered in Russia, almost one of the main criteria for family welfare. The concept of “love” and “loyalty" in the minds of the educated, intellectual Russian women are inseparable until she loves, she will never cheat on her man. But she will never stop loving without a reason. Her feelings fade only if the man, to whom they were addressed, will fall short of the "image” that she loved once.
It does not really matter do men agree or not, but the truth is the truth : Russian brides believe that the loyalty is directly linked to the dignity of men , and not so much with the physical, as it sometimes seems , but with moral. However, the intimate side of family life is also very important.
What woman wants to change her husband, if every night with him “as the first one"? He is also gentle and attentive. What wife will think of something else, if the spouse gives her flowers, invites to watch movies or to have dinner at cafes, cares about her well-being, does not allow her to overwork, allows spending money on little feminine “joys" , does not drink a lot of alcohol and does not cheat on her ? Does a honest woman need an" adventure” in the form of cheating, if her life is full and happy?
The token of harmonious and lasting marriage is a loyalty of a wife. Women's loyalty is a manifestation of the spiritual essence of Russian woman whose power over time strengthens and deepens the relationship between the spouses. Without a wasting a mental and sexual energy on other men, a Russian girl is becoming more attractive to her future husband.
Loving, faithful husbands cannot be afraid of cheating on from their honest Russian wives. The real women will never betray her man if he appreciates her and creates the living conditions for her where she feels herself a real woman!