Under the term “Hot Russian woman " get only 10 percent of girls living in Russia . But they are the best!

Most Russian (as well as all Slav- Ukrainian, Belarusian, Moldovan) women (about 80 %) have the average sexual temperament. They appreciate the reliability, the quality and emotions. The number of sex does not play a significant role for them. They need to love and trust a man. They are not against experiments, but never lose their mind.
8-10 % of women have low sex temperament. They are ready to plunge into the maelstrom of passion only for a short time. Sex has never been a major part of their lives.
They are one of those who sublimate their erotic energy into work (creativity, parenting, etc) and only 10-12% of Russian girls have a strong sexual temperament. They require regular quality sex, and its absence can to drive them to despair and depression. For fun, they are ready for any madness. It is this category can be called “hot woman.”
If we are going to talk about that 10-12% of hot Russian women and girls who have a heightened sexuality, you cannot talk just about some relationship between temperament and intellectual abilities, appearance, age, education, moral views and material level. They do not need to be taught the art of seduction and flirting. They have it since their birth.
Even to explain why they are so attractive to the opposite sex is very hard. Their body odor. A sparkle in their eyes. The gait. Their bending of the body. A tone of voice. The manner of communication . Or just electrified space around this woman. Fluids.
Something which is completely unknown, but it works without any doubts.
<>br> P.S. The advice to men who want to get acquainted with the girls on our dating site. Checking the photos and videos in the catalog of Russian mail order brides you certainly see such "hot" beauties. Trying to make the acquaintance on the Internet or during a meeting in real life, do not use this term as a compliment. Our girls do not like it. Adjectives that describe the female appearance should emphasize the beauty, without turning it into a sex object. Such terms as “sexy ", " hot" Slav girls do not accept as compliments, because such words evaluate a woman from the perspective of her sexual function. Much better to use such words as "beautiful ", " amazing ", " elegant ", " attractive ", " charming ", " spectacular ", " stylish "," splendid", “pretty”.