In every city one likes to say that local girls are the most beautiful. When you come to Moscow these are Moscow women, in Odessa – Odessa ones, and in Lvov the story is the same… However, can you object to local citizen when you find yourself in the very epicenter of women’s beauty – Kiev?

Naturally, every person has their own concept of beauty. However, many famous sites about travelling in their ‘city ratings with the biggest number of beauties’ give the first place to Kiev that pushed New York and Stockholm back from their leader’s positions. And the most interesting thing is that no matter in what countries such research was held Ukraine has always been occupying top lines of cities’ ratings by the number of beauties.

Yes, Kiev is a real flower bed. Here are as many beautiful girls as chestnuts trees blossoming in May. They are beautiful not dependent on their age. Very young high school students are attractive by their childish naivety and spontaneity. Older girls attract with their freshness and light coquetry, and grown-up women are good in their elegance and such an ‘experienced’ feeling of taste. All of them are so different, but they are united by a wish to look good.

Kiev girls are very popular and demanded as brides. They get married eagerly with men from Europe and the USA. On the background of Ukrainian instability a high level of life in western countries and gallant attitude of men look very attractive for Ukrainian ladies. Should they spend their young years on barricades!?

All men who have been in Kiev are equal in their opinion: a hallmark of beauties from Ukraine isn’t just in outer beauty, but in their amiable character. They smile more often if you talk to them, they answer in a polite manner. And a friendly smile make their heart beat much faster than voluptuous breasts and long legs.

In general, Kiev Ladies are beautiful and wonderful, feminine and sexy, romantic and well-educated. One third of them could be filmed in movies, the other third could walk on a podium, and the rest of them could work as TV speakers. A beauty contest is everywhere and always in Kiev: early in the morning and late in the evening, in expensive restaurants and in metro cars. And among beautiful girls there are many smart ones! And among smart and beautiful there also are kind, tender… and here it’s a jackpot…