One cooking channel made a survey of two thousand men from Europe and America, whose food they would prefer a wife’s or a mother’s? It turned out that 55 % of men would choose homemade food made by their mom! Every second is expressed a dissatisfaction as for culinary skills of his wife, which causes conflicts in the family. Almost 30 % of respondents believe that women should spend more time in the kitchen, and do not offer their husbands semi-prepared foods. For West a homemade food is rare phenomenon, for Russia - daily.
As a rule, men choose a life partner in the likeness of their mothers. And an image of a mother is thrifty and caring, kind and warm-hearted woman who is always happy to give a treat to their loved ones with something tasty. Therefore, on a subconscious level, most men select their wives of those Russian brides who are well prepared. Tasty, homemade healthy food that radiates diversity will not able to leave any man indifferent and he'll look at his bride from Russia on the other hand, praising her efforts and talents.
From the position of a good wife - to be able to cook well is the best way how to keep a loved one, even after many years of their wedding.
None man would never trade a well-established way of life and comfort to a momentary romantic infatuation. Yes, it can take place in the life of every man, but it is temporary and passing, and the family with a Russian girl is something fundamental and inviolable which cannot be exchanged on the cheap thing.
Choosing a Russian woman as a life partner, you'll be pleasantly surprised by the traditional Russian cuisine, which is very popular throughout the world for a long time. Be sure to ask her to cook something of the most famous dishes of Russian national menu: borshch, stshi , fish soup- uha , pancakes with red caviar, pelmeni, vareniki (dumplings) , etc. The range of dishes of the Russian food is so diverse, and its influence and popularity in Europe is so great that people speak about it at this time with the same respect as the famous French cuisine.