On Oxford Dictionary site ‘a word of 2013’ appeared, a neologism ‘selfie’. This term means a fashionable tendency of recent times – a photo of oneself in social networks. A usual place for a photo session is a beach, a disco or an office.
Social networks become not just an advertising space and a means of self-expression for Ukrainian folk but also a vanity fair where many people try to seem better than they are in real life. Experts admit that some people just sublimate their unmet hopes and show themselves on photos not as they are but as they would like to become. Especially it concerns young girls.
According to the results of pollings held in Russia, 14 per cent of girls process their photos in Photoshop before posting them in social networks. Besides, experts found out that the majority (32 per cent) of users take part in photo sessions or visit photo salons on purpose to make some shots just to post them in the internet. They are sure that they will be able to make an impression on their friends due to professional photos.
Well, we offer you to look at a set of photos of Russian girls from social networks and make conclusions by yourselves having read an article on this topic.