A few reasons Why choose a Ukrainian woman? -They are arguably the most beautiful women in the world. Even more than their Russian neighbours. -Most are highly intelligent, but down to earth, practical, adventurous and good humored. Ukrainian and English humor is very similar. -Many will appreciate the fact you have traveled to their country to see them and will want to show you a great time and the best impression of their city. -English visitors are rare and well greeted. -They are better than English girls! End of story;) -Prices in The Ukraine are low! Cigarettes 30p for 20, vodka 1.50 for a 2/3 course meal with drink 4- 10 depending on where you go. Means you can have a super cheap holiday and maybe meet someone who will change your life forever. -You don't need a visa to visit The Ukraine. EU citizens can just take a 2 hour flight London to Kiev -You've got myself(Mark,UK citizen) and Kathrine(Zaporoshye, Ukraine) to arrange everything for you. I wish you happy endings and hope our site will be useful to you in your search of Miss Rirght!!