RUSSIAN SINGLE LADIES It doesn't matter if he's a foreigner or not, the main thing is that he's pretty, charming, and interesting to talk with. RUSSIAN SINGLE LADIES A man might have a lot of nice time with such a woman, and perhaps, it would be an ideal introduction for an interesting relationship, that could maybe grow into something more serious in the future... RUSSIAN SINGLE LADIES The only problem is that this kind of women do not usually look for a husband deliberately.There's more chance to meet them accidentally or at a party.. "Russian Blonde".This is a special kind of woman. RUSSIAN SINGLE LADIES When she was a young (17-20) pretty woman, she met a handsome "new Russian" with a lot of money, and fell in love with him and with the ambiance of success around him.She got used to indulge all her needs and to get what she wanted. RUSSIAN SINGLE LADIES However, their "new Russian" man was letting himself too much: having so much money, power, and charisma, he was getting with many other women. RUSSIAN SINGLE LADIES At one moment, the "blonde" had enough of being just "one of many", and broke the relationship with her rich friend. RUSSIAN SINGLE LADIES However, such a "beautiful girl" shouldn't be alone, so she's settled to find a worthy substitute to her old friend, who will worship only her, and will let her indulge into her old habits..