Nowadays every woman , including Russian and wants to be equal to a man , have a good and prestigious job , making good money , worthy career , etc. But also a good wife should still keep a house, make it cozy, cook a delicious lunch and dinner, and take care of children and husband. And still she needs to look good. But often, when a woman is paying a lot of her attention to her work for these women's affairs she has neither the time nor the energy. And many women simply have to choose either family or work.
Not so long ago women in almost all the countries chose career, considering it fashionable.
As you know, fashion is changeable; today it is one and another tomorrow. And today, housekeepers are again very popular.
Russian Women, who like to cook, create comfort and keep the house clean- they always were and always will be. And now these women can publicly declare that they are housekeepers, and do not be shy about it. Well, the ability to cook, create coziness in the house can be compared with the achievements of the career. It is also a hard work, and not every Western woman can do that perfectly.
The mission of every Russian woman is a family, comfort and coziness in the house, rather than pursuing the career ladder. Leave a career for men, and the wife from Russia should keep a house, take care of her husband, and being a woman in the truest sense of the word.