Haven’t you noticed that there is a chain of charmed men’s hearts simply dragging behind Russian women? And agree that far not always these girls are beautiful, young and slim. Sometimes everything is quite an opposite. The secret of these ladies is very simple and extremely complicated at the same time. A sensitive Russian woman always attracts men to herself, no matter what she is like and under what cover she conceals herself. A sensitive woman is a lady who knows how to enjoy everything. And no matter what it is: food, men, friendly communication. They enjoy being in this world itself, every cell of their body feeling a charm of life. At the same time they are very receptive. One can always ask them for help, and they will certainly accede. Such is the nature of a Russian woman – to react upon sincere transports and appeals. That’s why, in fact, it’s not so easy to live for a sensitive Russian woman. She can’t say ‘no’ if she is asked for help.