The relationship between a man and a woman is a whole world and a sex in it is not fundamental. Any girl can learn dozens of intricate poses, has got the best skills of flirting and tantric adultery, but ... she will never beat in bed a Russian woman. In Russia people say, a good lover is a geisha with an African temperament and angelic character. Do Russian women like sex?
Yes, they do. With a fair amount of healthy selfishness they get sincere pleasure from their own emotions, feelings and experiences, rather than spending time on a grueling analysis of the views, smiles and hints of men. That is why many men see Slav girls with normal self-esteem as a challenge, a puzzle, and sexual provocation.
For a long time, many men have noticed that the majority of Russian brides in bed during a sex have a research type of behavior. They are like enthusiastic scientists seek to learn, discover, experiment. But this applies to everyday life (by the way, by the virtue of their research spirit they often score success in their professional activity), not just sexual. Well, a Russian wife will never rest on her laurels - her sexuality progresses through sheer curiosity and a thirst for pleasure.
Usually, the bride from Russia feels great a balance between an initiative (which attracts men) and a pressure (which repels men) . To bide her time is not her style, but at the same time she manages to avoid intrusiveness. It is important that as a lady, she feels sexy even when the situation does not suggest immediate intercourse. First of all, she does not allow herself to wear ugly underwear- it would lose her vitality! She's not fussy and does not lose her self-esteem, even if she gets in an awkward situation (broken heel, she was on the way of sprinkler or she scattered the contents of the bag) .
As a good a lover she always knows what her man wants. She guesses about it or just feels or tries to figure out with a help of different techniques. A sex with a Russian wife ends up in bed and starts with thoughts and conversations, trust and joint experiences.
And one more thing – she is never have an inferiority complex about her appearance, knowing that the majority of men runs from pinched girls with (too many) hang-ups, and not just from plump ladies and not standard . And especially men do not run from the girls just because of the size of the breasts or leg length. However, most Russian women can leave many American and European beauties in the dust...