Is it possible to define a character of a person’s sexual behavior and their sexual potential or a sexuality level by attributes of their appearance?
It appears that yes.
Length of legs.
For many it may turn out to be shocking – these are long-legged models in our time who captivated tabloids of ‘the most attractive and sexy’ people of the planet. Nevertheless it is scientifically proved that the shorter are legs the sexier is a woman, the more she wants to get and the more she can give in sex. If there is no possibility to measure a length of legs of a girl you are interested in you will always be able to approximately evaluate it without appealing to measurements. Most often because of this very reason short ladies are more sexy than tall ones. The shorter legs are the more sexy and hot she is, and to be more precise, the shorter legs are relative to a total body length. One should remember another rule: the more testosterone there is in blood (which is directly connected with sexuality level) the shorter and broader are human’s bones.
The more testosterone hormone there is in organism the less is pigmentation. That’s why the majority of brunettes have a strong sexual constitution. In bed they have a leader’s position, experiment much, they are very energetic and assertive. Blondes are notable for the weakest sexual constitution, they prefer to be guided in bed. Their temper is calm, they are balanced and don’t like to take risks. But they have a delicate sensitiveness, are keen, tender and very romantic. They detect the slightest nuances of mood, feel a partner perfectly, perceive and share his emotions, conform to him, they are apt to unrestrained fantasy in sex.
Chestnuts possess a combination of sexual qualities of brunettes (especially if their hair is hard) and blondes (especially if their hair is soft and naughty) – a so called golden middle.
Lips give information about emotionality and sensitiveness of their owner. A woman who likes sexual joys and has developed senses and emotions has lips fuller and thicker than those of the others. Especially it is worth paying attention at the lower lip. It is the most true indicator – voluptuous sensitive lovers of pleasure the lower lip is thicker than the upper one. Especially if it is also puffed out – here it may even be a question of laxity.
If lips are thin, such a woman is notable for leader’s inclinations, a huge self-control, reserve in feelings and sexual pleasures. She is apt to subjecting others and limiting herself. Her sensitivity is visibly weaker than of thick-lipped women.
Small eyes with swollen lower eyelids tell those who like sensitive pleasures. Sensitive persons often have slanting eyes a little bit lowered to a temple. Eye color also has a meaning – the more intensive it is and the warmer it is the hotter and more energetic a girl is in bed. Dark-brown eyes are peculiar to passionate persons. Often women with green eyes can be called sexy. They are inventive in bed, tender and sensitive, in sex they are feasters, they are very inventive in partner choice. They give much and also demand much.