‘Ukrainian women are smiling, not many of them smoke or drink alcohol, and respect towards a man is in their genes’, assures an English-speaking site of ‘UA-marriage.com’ dating agency which is aimed at foreign fiancés. Here one can know that Ukrainian girls always look perfectly, are skillful lovers and caring mothers. At the same time they are ready to be grateful for small favors as they ‘are used to hard life within conditions of Ukrainian economy’. Then comes a database of brides – studio photos, explicit clothes, ceremonial haircuts…
During the latest years Ukraine became a popular place for a search of life partners for foreigners. According to the statistics, a wish to connect ones fate with citizens of Ukraine is most often showed by men from Spain, Israel, the USA, Turkey and Germany, reports ‘The German Wave’.

As it turned out, at one of sessions of the Knesset concerning a woman’s status, annually more than 300 men only from Israel go to Ukraine in search of wives. Today in Israel function dozens of agencies specializing on organizing tours to Ukraine, particularly to Odessa and Kherson. The majority of Ukrainian wives of Israeli men are from there. At the same time, according to the data of Kiev dating agencies, Donetsk and Lvov, in the conditions of crisis a number of those wanting to find a foreign man in this year increased by half. As a director of Kharkov Institute of International Dating Agency notes, Ukrainian women became more demanding to candidates. ‘There are many marriages with foreigners. And it is not so easy for us to find female clients, as a woman who is marrying a foreigner makes a great sacrifice – leaves her family, friends, carrier’, notes Chobitok.
According to the data of Ministry of Justice, in the course of four years in Ukraine there were registered 19 thousands of marriages with foreigners. Most often citizens of Donetsk and Kharkov regions and from Kiev become wives of foreigners.