Our photos say much about us. They are something like an advertisement board with the help of which people display their main qualities.
That’s why it’s no wonder that looking attentively at any Russian girl on a dating site or a catalogue of a dating agency one can get to know much by photos from her profile. Well, look at your potential bride and if on a photo there is…
A girl in a bathing suit: she lacks attention from the side of the opposite sex. Even if she is married. For such girls it is important for somebody to like them, to find passions that lack on the side. Such women often look for short-term connections and carefully conceal their real world.
One should separately stop at erotic photos. Girls with such pages are in an active search, they like to attract attention of the opposite sex and they are apt to narcissism.
A photo with flowers: if beauties in bathing suits lack sensual erotic experience, girls with flowers lack romantic ones.
In a black-and-white photos there are eccentric persons. For them it is important to outspeak their delicate taste and aesthetic nature and let others understand that they are not like the others. They are special.

A face in close up: demonstrative, dramatic natures. They love themselves and others to pay attention at them. It is important for them for their soul, wit to be valued, it means their deep and complicated personality.
Cellars, prison cells, circus arenas: eccentric, hysteric persons take photos in strange decorations. They are uncomfortable and difficult because they are used to respect only their own interests.
A posture with shoulders backwards, hands on hips: if women poses the same way in all her photos or always is in the center it means that she dislikes something in her appearance or it is important for her to control everything. Besides, it may show her impudence and disposition to domination. Or she likes an ‘American top-model’ show and from there she drew invaluable knowledge about profitable postures.
Smile: a labored or a sincere one. A sincere smile –the eyes are squinted a bit and small wrinkles appear. Her cheeks will be lifted and her forehead will be eased. If she smiles with her mouth shut, she may have uneven teeth or she may be not very happy in this photo.
Photos from voyages. They show that a girl is in interested in other things, but not her appearance and parties. Pay attention at how it is comfortable for her within an environment where the photo is made.
Photos with children: if these are not her children, she may probably tell that she is soon ready to acquire them.
A firm posture: if she has a similar photo one may say that your bride has no complexes because of her body and enjoys life.
Gestures: If a photographer took a shot of her in the moment of a conversation and she makes gestures it usually means that such a lady likes to talk and is open in socializing.