Long, soft and flossy hair assigns a woman with a special charm. And though many girls now in Russia wear short haircuts, a classical image is a blonde with long hair. And to the opinion of psychologists this image is so deeply rooted that it nearly came to a genetic memory and is transferred from mothers to their daughters.
Long hair has always been a domain, the main ornament of any girl. There still are legends about women in Middle Ages who wrapped a baby with their hair for it not to freeze. Today they are used with a different purpose – first it’s a luxurious ornament.

Why do Slavic women have such a reverential feeling for long hair?

Answer for this question can be found in the history. The whole thing is that girls in the Ancient Ruthenia had the right to wear untressed hair reaching their shoulders and plait them into one or two plaits only before getting married. According to customs a woman who got married had to conceal her hair accurately.
Long woman’s hair, untressed in addition are like a massive weapon smoothly affecting men. Being associated with a Feminine Principle they are able to evoke a male in a man who have lost his head at all and is able for sensual deeds. It may be considered a magic force or natural reflexes, but the fact remains that long hair, flowing luxuriously along woman’s back and shoulders have an advantage in comparison with even the most fashionable and creative haircut made by a master knowing all nuances of a hairdresser’s art.