1. Their beauty and the ability to take care of themselves
For women their external data is their daily routine. And Ukrainians honorably cope with that task. Foreigners pay attention to our girls and women, who are in the relentless frost and in the inhuman heat, always look like the models from the cover of a glossy magazine. At the same time that to look great, it is not necessary for Russian or Ukrainian girls to spend a lot of money at beauty salons or plastic surgery medical facilities – their nature has endowed them with a natural beauty.

2 The ability to create warmth and comfort at home
All Slav women are famous for these talents. So the husband-foreigner expects from Ukrainian wife that she will take care of their home with pleasure. He will offer her money if the woman is not working. It is very important here to discuss the expenses, because most men do not like these surprises.

3. Culinary Talents
The ability to cook from scratch a masterpiece - here's another one positive quality of Ukrainian women. In the west people are not used to cook breakfast, lunch, dinner every day. Ukrainian girls do that with pleasure and delight their husbands- foreigners.

4. Independence
Recently Ukrainians have become more independent and confident. And European men value the dedication of our women, who, coming abroad, try to twist the family nest, and also learn the local language and get a job, to realize their aspirations.

5. Complaisant nature and ability to compromise
Ukrainian women are stubborn and know how to find a common language with even the most "problem" men. In general, not only a foreigner, but even Ukrainian or Russian man after the marriage expects that his wife will listen to him and accept him as a head of the family. European and American women in this sense require more independence, which sometimes men do not like.

6. A desire to take care of their beloved ones
Ukrainian women are gentle, kind, caring and very wise at home. Foreigners appreciated that for a long time ago. There some families where the sons follow the example of the fathers are going to Ukraine to look for future wives, because they see how happy their fathers with Ukrainian women. That is why thousands of men are hoping to find life partners and turning to dating agencies, which are using at the work approach of russian mail order brides. The development of the Internet has simplified the problem of communication between people from different countries and a big credit belongs to the various dating agencies websites with a special role - finding life partners abroad.