Fri. Jul 19th, 2024

Slavic women and wives are known in the whole world. They attract attention so much. Many girls tell about their choice openly, they communicate on forums, share their experience and impressions. Lately, thousands of completely different love stories about family life within international marriages appear in the internet. Men discuss their experience of such acquaintances and relations in the same open manner. Much attention is paid to the cases of fraud which also often happen. A not silly Russian girl pretended to be a bride wishing to get married abroad, and with the help of postal bank transfers got a large amount of money from her potential fiancés. How could she know that all five of them are members of a New York gangster clan? An angry leader sends his nephew to far Russia for him to get the money back and punish the scammer. He crosses the ocean, falls in love with the girl and understands in terror that she is the cunning ‘bride’. This is a plot of a movie ‘Mail Order Brides’ produced in 2003. It can’t be called an unreal story anyway…

There are still more good examples than bad ones and the majority of girls marry not with their eyes closed. But people know little of such examples as such women live okay and don’t write awful stories. A man is made in such a way that something negative is slopped out on the others more than something positive. Positive things are taken as a normal state of things.


For example, in 2009 the American ‘Glamour’ published a story of Lera, a bride from Ukraine. Lera was born in a family of doctors and when she was at school she had an opportunity to go to the USA by exchange. Having spent there a year she knew well that she wanted to come back to this country. As there were no other variants for her, she registered on a dating site. All this happened about 10 years ago. Once Lera met Steve’s profile. Steve was a musical producer and a completist. And despite age difference Lera wrote him a message. He answered her, though their age difference put him on the alert. But after a two-months corresponding Steve came to Ukraine. Relations went to a more serious level. After two dates in Warsaw and in Budapest Steve made Lera an offer. They got married very quickly, without verve and luxury. Then Lera graduated a college, got a diploma. And all this time Steve supported and cheered her up. Why was it written in Glamour about Lera? She started keeping a fashion blog which became very popular. And ‘Elle’ magazine and The New York Times newspaper also wrote about her blog.

An interesting analogy was drawn by a popular ‘mail order brides’ catalogue city-of-brides between Slavic brides and girls from Columbia, Brazil, Thailand and other countries. In the article advantages and disadvantages of girls from other countries are viewed in a detailed way, short but very capacious characteristics revealing a national peculiarity of these ladies completely different at the first sight are introduced.