Fri. Apr 19th, 2024

From east to west and from west to north: diversity of ethnos, nature and climatic conditions, all this influenced the forming of Ukrainian nation. In various times historical events contributed to the development of the country and nation. And today it’s hard to determine what a portrait of a typical Ukrainian woman is like, as all of them are so different and so beautiful!

Ordinary Ukrainian ladies from Kiyv and Donetsk, Lugansk and Lvov, Rovno and Zaporozhe, Poltava and Odessa are presented in the photo project dedicated to beauty of girls from various cities of Ukraine. More than 500 photos give an opportunity to understand what women from south and north, west and east of the country look like and what they are different in.

Despite the fact that authors of the project tried to show the difference in appearance of girls from various regions, it proved to be quite simple to make a generalized portrait of a modern Ukrainian girl.

They look as Europeans with bright or a little dark skin, with various types of constitution, they are more often dark-haired, but fair and red hair aren’t rare as well, sometimes they are blond. They have regular and most of all mild facial features, expressive eyes and feminine figures. Paying their tribute to modern fashion many of them try to look like photo models: a slim figure, emphasized by shoes with high heels and surely splendid breasts. In all this national coloring is also visible. It makes a model image more lively and makes ordinary Ukrainian girls special, bright and unforgettable.

Ukrainian women are wonderful and soft in an eastern manner, as eastern blood is in their veins.

They will easily give a man all their rights if he asks. And they will always be charming only for him! At the same time a big mystery will always be in them. A secret of a Slavic woman’s soul will be kept by them to always be desired and interesting…