Mon. Jun 17th, 2024

Probably every short woman, not only Russian, would like to look higher, more slender, more elegant. Similarly, as each brunette wants to be a blonde. But there is no reason to think that tall women are sexy and more attractive than small ones. Check our photo catalog of mail order brides – many miniature Russian girls look impressive and very attractive.
i117-1326279 According to statistics of many dating agencies modern men prefer to get acquainted with Russian women delicate physique and small stature. The question is why? What does attract men in tiny girls from Russia and Ukraine? Indeed, until now, many people believe that an ideal of Russian beauty is slender and tall girls with model appearance. Yes, everything is just corny. The thing is a man wants everywhere and in everything to be a boss, to dominate and conquer. He always wants to be a head of the family. A small woman, like no other else, is associated with obedience and humility. Such a wife, according to men, will never take the reins in the family from her husband. And he, in turn, the final word will always be his. There is another quite interesting point of view. It consists of the fact that young Russian women can awake in men the ancient instinct of defender. They are struggling to protect their women, to take care about their welfare. Therefore, they are choosing as their wives short fragile girls that to protect them. Although often these Russian brides have a strong character.

In addition it is believed that short girls reach faster their puberty than tall ladies because their main energy is spent on growth. Small woman can adapt easy in bed, you can try whatever you want. It is easy to choose any pose, even the most extravagant one. And for men it is very important.