Fri. Apr 19th, 2024

RUSSIA LOVE There are literally 1000’s of “russian dating sites” offering various online dating opportunities.We don’t just sell addresses. RUSSIA LOVE We also provide a letter forwarding service that works like email from you to the women you write to.Very few women in Russia have access to computers and email. RUSSIA LOVE You can compose a letter online from any of the women’s pages, have it translated and you can send your photos too. RUSSIA LOVE Your letters and photo’s then go directly to our Russian agent’s offices where our agents either post your letters on or the women can collect them.You can even set it up so you can receive replies from the women the same way.This service is fast and reliable.Letters sent by overseas post can be unreliable and slow… RUSSIA LOVE You can also send flowers and gifts to any of the “Russian women” you are writing to through our service.We can even deliver flowers to Russia for women who are not listed with us. RUSSIA LOVE We also arrange tours to Russia for any men who want to visit Russia to meet the women they have been writing to.