Mon. Jun 17th, 2024

Of course, different people – different tastes, because everyone has his or her own individual vision of the issue. Meanwhile, there is classical men’s opinion about Russian wives. Many men can bend their fingers, listing their qualities and characteristics; they will definitely describe next moments: a beautiful girl, which is good in a bed, who cooks delicious, understanding friend, a caring mother, a good housekeeper. Men like when other men always pay attention to their wives. In these moments, a man realizes he made the right choice – there is stunningly beautiful woman right next to him, the dream of the other men, and she chose him.

Thinking about the cuisine and the food you immediately remember the famous dictum that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Yes, but not for all the men this way is the main highway of life. However, there is hardly a person who is indifferent to the delicious homemade food cooked with love by skillful hands of the woman he loves. Russian wives know how to cook and do it with pleasure. They never offer their husbands to have fast food day by day. Their table is always full of fresh and delicious food. And all of these are always made with love.

i112-3638022 A bride from Russia is also a perfect sex object. And this applies to her merits in sex and the visual portrait. Passionate lover with a fertile imagination and with a willingness to experiment. Her impeccable look and exciting appearance, she is able to present herself and kindle the fire of desire in a man. You will never lose your interest to this woman, because she will always amaze, she is so unpredictable. Today she has one hairstyle, tomorrow – another one. During the day she is a spectacular lady, and at night she turns into a passionate beast. And that is very important for men, she never complains about the “headache”. In addition to all the other excellent qualities of the ideal wife, men appreciate in girls from Russia and Ukraine the ability to be faithful and understanding friend. They often share the favorite hobbies of their men, support their ideas and thoughts, and have no doubts as for the correctness of their actions. Such a wife, a girlfriend no needs the explanations about the role of the cars, football and fishing in a man’s life – she understands everything. Moreover, she always knows where to find his socks, or screwdrivers, and she perfectly knows what the difference between a screwdriver and a popper is 🙂

In Russia a man until his death remains a big kid that needs woman’s attention and care. Russian wife is always so attentive and caring mother. At first – for him. She is taking care of her husband’s appearance, style of clothing, worries about his health and success at work. Always supports and comes to the rescue: if you need she will be able to wash you, and comb your hair, and change clothes. She is ready to listen and spare neither strength nor resources for you. And when the baby comes, a caring mother will be enough for both – for a baby and for a daddy; nobody will be deprived of attention.