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RUSSIAN WOMAN DATING SERVICE It may seem a savagery, but a soviet women was accustomed to wash used packets with soap and dry them like linen. RUSSIAN WOMAN DATING SERVICE Throwing out old used things was like a bad tone – they were supposed to be divided into components and used later as helpful untensils in house chores marriage agency Russian woman… RUSSIAN WOMAN DATING SERVICE Because of the total lack of clothes and shoes any woman was not considered to be a good housewife if she was not able to sew and knit by herself for the whole family, to repair clothes so that at least some generations could use them. RUSSIAN WOMAN DATING SERVICE Belarussia marriage agency Unfortunately the equality between men and women was only in words, in reality women were not allowed to participate in the country administration, and very often even in their families. RUSSIAN WOMAN DATING SERVICE A kitchen was her place, and as there wasn’t any ready-made food she had to spend there all her free time – either during a workday, or at weekends. RUSSIAN WOMAN DATING SERVICE Due to such policy our ladies were taught to nail, to use electrical goods, to be painters, plasterers, designers marriage agency Raising new generations was also a great burden on her fragile shoulders.