Mon. Jun 17th, 2024

Scientists – psychologists, biologists and anthropologists find new details about the secrets of women attraction to the opposite sex. Men are more than women appreciate the physical attractiveness. There is well- known stereotype that men are attracted to tall Russian women with slim waist, long legs and beautiful breasts. i116-1291901 Scientists from one of Russian universities in a survey of thousands of men came to the conclusion that, despite the differences of eastern and western cultures, there are some common standards of attractiveness. They are, according to the authors, long arms and the height of the tall Russian brides. “Usually all the research about the attractiveness of women concentrates on the size of the waist, hips and the bust. But sexual selection is based on assessment and perception of all the phenotype rather than on individual parts of the body proportions. In this sense, the height and long arms create a special image “- according to the authors of the research. Surprisingly, the following standard parameters as the size of the hips and the waist are on the second place. But all the Russian women who entered the list of the most attractive, were tall, had a thin waist and long arms.

The research work demonstrates that female traits that attract the most do not depend on the culture of the people who rate this image. This is probably due to a certain standard, which is imposed by the media. Now it becomes clear why Russian women love the high heels. For many years it was thought that the addiction among the girls was caused by the requirements of society for the appearance of a woman. In Russia, it is considered that regardless of the situation, the woman should always look the best. But recently, scientists have made ??a surprising discovery. It turned out that this is more than social, but inherited phenomenon. Experts have found that more than 90% of Russian women inherit the preferences in styles, colors, materials of clothing and footwear from their mothers. And, most surprisingly, the daughter inherits the mother’s ability to walk in high heels.