The fact that Slavic girls are ‘a concentrate of beauty’ has already become an axiom in the whole world. Dark blond straight hair, grey, blue, green eyes, a small straight nose, regular features, beautiful long legs and splendid breasts – here is an ideal of Russian beauty.

In Russia there are not just beautiful girls – they have a desire for the beautiful and that’s why they always try to look good and yes, they don’t seize to drive men crazy in their motherland as well as beyond its limits. And no matter how much feminism spreads on the Earth making women ‘equal’ to men a Russian woman knows that natural beauty of soul and body, femininity and wisdom make her not just equal but also superior.
In this chapter you can look at dozens of photo galleries and make sure in justification of these statements. Photos and pictures presented here are of various quality, format and meaning. Professional and amateur, posed and from real life – all of them serve as a proof of this axiom.


Not one car showroom can’t do without beautiful girls who amplify and emphasize a general effect from exposition of a brand and sometimes they outshine a show of a car. In Russia, as it is known, there are the most beautiful girls and that’s why Moscow International Car Showroom was interesting not just due to its latest cars. More info

Well, we offer you a photo-set of stylish and glamorous Russian beauties collected in popular social networks. Just so those young women who decided to appear in front of the world as large as life look in real life. One significant point – the photos are made by themselves!

Is women’s beauty a gift of nature or a result of self-cultivation? In Russia women’s attractiveness is still a natural phenomenon. As a proof for this we offer to look at the photos of completely young beauties – school graduates. Charm of youth au naturel – without botox and plastic reconstruction.

Slavic ladies- a special caste. They are young, beautiful, impulsive, emotional and sensitive. They are different. They can be compared with music which one may like, that may annoy, soothe or thrill. A Russian woman, like a favorite melody can fulfill life with joy and sense and can just cheer and make one smile. Take a look of these photos from social networks

An assertion that the most beautiful girls live in Ukraine is of course disputable. However, a generalized portrait of a Ukrainian woman looks very attractive